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Heritage Hunt Photography Club

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About Us

The Heritage Hunt Photography Club (HHPC) is a forum for residents of the Heritage Hunt Community where we share our common interest in the art and craft of photography.  Members enjoy photo safaris, workshops, classes, monthly meetings, guest speakers and community service projects. We regularly share our photographic art at meetings, online, and in exhibits on display in our community clubhouse gallery.

HHPC members encompass all levels of photography skills.   We encourage our members to develop their individual photographic art, improve camera technique, and learn how to bring life to their images through post processing.  Focus groups promote the use of a full range of cameras to include mobile phones.  Exploring the exciting world opened up by our cell phone cameras has led to, in addition to high quality pictures, the exploration of video imaging and additional post-processing editing techniques.

Underlying our club's purpose is the idea that photography is a very personal thing for us to enjoy, express and challenge ourselves. Above all, we strive to make photography fun.

The Heritage Hunt Photography Club meets every fourth Monday, at 7:00 pm in the Ballroom at the HH Clubhouse, except no meetings in June, July and December.  In June and December, a social event takes the place of the regular meeting.  The format for the monthly meetings includes a guest speaker on various photography topics, as well as a presentation of members' "Theme" and "shared" images. All meetings are aimed at inspiring and educating members at all levels of photographic experience.

Heritage Hunt Residents interested in joining HHPC, contact Rob Coulter at RACOULTERS@gmail.com