The HHPC Photography School is designed around a set of essays that will show you through examples how to get the photographs you envision. The beauty of photography is that there are no rules or regulations that restrict what you do or how you do it and there are no absolute formulas for creating images. There are guidelines that help when you start out, but mixed in with the guidelines are opinions and opinions from different photographers will contradict each other. The contradictions are a good thing because in the final analysis, photography is an art form and art is a highly subjective pursuit. The more opinions you learn about, the better able you will be to take the advice that makes sense to you and leave the rest. Each photographer seeks to acheive images that make them happy and proud of their accomplishment. An image of your grandchild that is treasured by them is as important an image to you as an image hanging in an art gallery is to someone else.

Think about how we react to art in general, and photographs in particular. You may like bright colors, another artist or photographer only likes subdued colors. You may have a passion for realistic images, someone else may have a passion for the abstract. One photographer spends his career documenting human behavior, another avoids any hint of man in photographing landscapes. The subjects of photography are as varied as the world we see and we each see the world through our indiviual lenses. The contributors to these pages have each mixed guidelines with opinion, but we sincerely believe that within these pages you will find many useful tips and techniques to help you improve your photography.

Lest we forget... there are no exams!!

Commentary on "Bench Lake Reflection" by Allen Ruhl