Heritage Hunt Photography Club

The Heritage Hunt Photography Club is open to all members of the Heritage Hunt active adult community. The only requirement for membership, beyond very modest annual dues, is a sincere desire to learn about photography. Our field trips, informational meetings, and website afford the opportunity to improve your photographic skills. We welcome all photographic interests, whether these are to tell the story of your travels; explore photography as an art form; look nature in the eye, closeup and personal; or take better photographs of the family.

The club holds meetings on the fourth Tuesday of each month starting at 6:40 p.m. with a “meet and greet.” The main meeting begins at 7:00 p.m. in the Heritage Hunt Clubhouse and maintains an active schedule of outings throughout the year. Several times during the year, members submit images for display in the Clubhouse.

If you are a member of the Heritage Hunt community, we invite you to join us... all meetings and activities are open.

All rights to images published on this site are reserved by the photographers who submitted the images

We hope you will enjoy your visit and are welcome to visit individual Member Sites to see their work

Nick Ide

Ed Knepley

Esta Gladstone

Russ Sernau

Rose Macielinski

Jack Ganson

Who's Who in HHPC

President: Nick Ide

Vice President Programs: Lynn McIntosh

Vice President Safaris: Sarah Skerker

Sectretary: Pat Wilder

Treasurer: Howie McDaniel

Community Liaison: Russ Sernau

Exhibition Coordinator: Travis Hall

Webmaster: Alan Skerker

Facebook: Walt Grabowski

Hospitality Co-Chairs: Linda Ruhl

Hospitality Co-Chair: Lois McDaniel